My Story

                      Hello! I'm Stephanie Anne. 


I'm a wife, mom, stepmom, daughter, sister, young grandmother, and love to create beautiful handcrafted items for everyday use.

I live just a smidgen south of the Twin Cities Metro in the beautiful state of Minnesota. I get the best of both worlds living this close to the metro. A block away I'm surrounded by farms and a very short drive north the city awaits. Although my home is here in Minnesota, I share a love with south Florida as my "extra kids" live there. I absolutely love being on a beach soaking in the sun listening to the waves crash against the shoreline. 

I started sewing 24 years ago when my mother taught me how to quilt. Off and on throughout the years I would create bags for my daughters to carry their treasures in. I would often be found cutting up old quilts to make bags, long before I found patterns to use and extended my talents further. 

Last year I gave everyone on my Christmas list either a quilt, tote bags, wallets, and key fobs. Some got all of the above! I received so much feedback on the quality and many more comments that I should be sharing my creativity. My family was very encouraging but it was the voice of one particular woman that kept nudging me closer to starting my own company. So here we are. 

I love working with the many fabrics designed by textile artists. My tastes are all over the place from simple and classic to whimsical and funky. I have an extensive fabric hoard to suit the tastes of many. The most fun is working one on one with a client to create the perfect bag for them to cherish. I love working with high quality quilting cotton, canvas, Portuguese cork, faux leather and my newest addition waxed canvas.

At the start of the pandemic I included cotton facemasks to my creativity. I have been able to donate 500 plus masks to the community due to those sales. Thank you!

This holiday season I am extending my community outreach, with the help of many others,  to donate 12 of my toiletry bags filled with scrunchies, bath bombs, lip balms, lotions and much more! We will be sending these off to toys for tots to aid in fulfilling wishes for teenaged girls.